Thought it was just acting? There is a lot more to a drama group than just the actors on the stage. There are many roles to fill both directly and indirectly with productions. We are always on the lookout for talented behind the scenes bods. Even if you have never worked with a stage group before. Maybe you are a seamstress or enjoy DIY and making things? Perhaps you’re an artist, or an electrician, or a DJ. See the list below for more things we do. Either way, joining a drama group may be the thing for you. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it… actors please join too!

Are YOU interested in doing any of the following:   Directing plays, acting, painting and constructing scenery, lighting, sound, prompt, properties, front of house organization, refreshments, costumes, helping run the bar, selling programmes, selling raffle tickets, selling play tickets, or publicity…..  then we are interested in YOU !

Come along on Tuesday evening at 7.30pm  at Whittington Village Hall.


Get in touch with one of us.